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i need police job script!


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hello guys!

my server 80% complete now i need just police job script i find on community but i cant find any good police script.Please anyone can make one for me please.


*Police have ability to arrest people with wanted levels in 4 ways:

---- smacking them with a nightstick

---- pulling them out of a car

---- aiming a weapon at close range (if criminals health is low)

----Cops can taze him

*Increase wanted levels when players break the law in these ways:

---- Jacking a car

---- Killing a player (cops get wanted for killing innocents)

---- Stealing a Cop car

---- Assaulting an officer

---- Being seen by a cop doing illegal activity (read further for details)

*players can escape arrest if several things happen(with a little help from an accomplice)

---- The cop walks too far away

---- The cop dies

---- The cop car gets too damaged

---- The cop gets jacked from their car

*Players have to serve jailtime if arrested (jailtime per wanted star is a server variable)

*Cops get rewarded for arresting or killing criminals (rewards are server variables)

*Made to be modular to work with almost any existing rpg servers

---- Works by detecting players skins or team name

---- Doesn't alter Team assignments

---- Doesn't rely on a specific spawning system

*Police can arrest up to 2 players at once

*Works With Police Bribe Pickups

*creates directions to jails for arresting officer

*creates blips of players with wanted levels viewable to cops

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