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Getting key of the specified value in a table


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jobSheet = { 
    ['fisherman'] = "Fisherman",  
    ['medic'] = "Paramedic",  
    ['lumberjack'] = "Lumber Jack", 
    function thisshit() 
        jobitself = getKeyFromValueInTable(jobSheet, "Fisherman") 
    addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getRootElement(), thisshit) 
function getKeyFromValueInTable(a, b) 
    for k,v in ipairs(a) do 
        if v == b then 
           return k 
    return false 

So I used a function which is https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Ge ... lueInTable , but I got a problem using this function, from code above it always returns false. Why is that so?

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