Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.4.1 released!

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Hi there!

About half a year has passed since our last release, so we think it is about the time we present you the next instalment of MTA:SA - 1.4.1.

This version is backwards-compatible with 1.4-based clients and server. Even so, we would like to encourage both the 1.4 players and server owners to upgrade to the latest version to benefit from the changes we made in this release since it contains quite a few.

Credits for this release

Code contributors: Cazomino05, ccw, jusonex96, qaisjp, sbx320

Patches and other contributions: AlexTMjugador, Arrantuna, CookiePLMonster, DirtY_iCE, Disinterpreter, Grafu, jhxp, mickdermack, NeXTreme

List of changes for 1.4.1

Here are some of the changes made to MTA:SA since the original 1.4 release from July, 2014.

  • Added Japanese translation and updated other translations
  • OOP additions, changes and fixes (courtesy of qaisjp)
  • Added luautf8 library - adds support for unicode gsub, gmatch, find, match and reverse (sbx320)
  • Improved compatibility with the Steam version (Cazomino05 and ccw)
  • Fixed radar map and blips not being shown in MTA if disabled in GTA settings (default is 'show all') (Jusonex96)
  • Fixed freefall bomb position desync for clients with different FPS when the projectile has a high velocity + Adjusted satchel positioning (Cazomino05)
  • Fixed train position not being set properly if target position is not in stream radius (Jusonex96)
  • Fixed resource settings node not being deleted upon resource stop (sbx320)
  • Patched several memory leaks (Jusonex96, sbx320 and others)
  • Added hash function for sha1 etc (ccw)
  • Fixed clientscript.log not getting trimmed when over 2GB (ccw)
  • Added VS2013 runtime installer to installer (ccw)
  • Added signed server exe (ccw)
  • Added option to skip version checks for non official server builds (ccw)

You can find more detailed lists of changes on these pages:

  • MTA's Mantis
  • Google Code - from r6752 to r7021 (excluding branches such as CEF and CoreVoice), also from r7021 and onwards marked as [1.4.1]

There were a bunch of changes for resources too, mainly for admin, deathmatch and map editor resources. You can find the list of changes here:

Download MTA:SA 1.4.1

You can download the new release here: http://www.mtasa.com.

If you are looking for the Linux server, you can download it from here: http://linux.mtasa.com.

Note: Windows and Linux servers are available in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavours (64 bit one is still experimental though).

We hope you enjoy our new release.

-- MTA Team

On a side note, did you know that our Steam Group has almost 10.000 members?

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BTW, please PM me if you've made an important contribution to the 1.4.1 release (eg. submitted a patch or a major bug report that was fixed) but weren't listed and I will add you to the contributors list.

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Why there's no fix of Important bugs like Corona (marker) !!

If i remember well , it's a GTA Bug.


Good job , and keep it up! MTA 4EVER!

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And then MTA update appears, Good job MTA! :)

Keep going!

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So many years and still being actively updated, hope this will keep up for another few years =D>

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Really nice job! We enjoy MTA since 2011 now and we hope it will be available for many more years!

Special thanks to ccw, sbx320 and Jusonex :hello1::hello1::hello1:


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HELLO @jhxp

where it's the launch 1.4.1 in the input of MTA, and because it is not in Portuguese? :o:o:o:o:o


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That Browser stuff did not make it into this version?

It's coming in 1.5 afaik.

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