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A : Beatles   Q : What is your mother name?

A : For every bug you fix 18 more show up.   Q : Why?

A: Soon as someone moves the air regulation valve on his arm, it'll swing forward and eject the rock at finn.

Q: Who here has done 79 barrel rolls in a row, without losing altitude? (OOOO MEEEEEEEEE :P )

EDIT: HAZJ! BAD! :P You posted while I was posting. :oops:

/me punishes HAZJ and puts him in a box. :D

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A: Dunno, but I got hammered and nailed natasha. Giggity- Giggity Giggity! :wink:

Q: We've run out of paint... should we paint the words and phrases in this radioactive wasteproduct that I found oozing out of the engines? :shock:

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