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A : Beatles   Q : What is your mother name?

A : For every bug you fix 18 more show up.   Q : Why?

7 hours ago, Simple01 said:

A: God.

Q: What's the best Call of Duty?

A. 'Call of duty modren warfare 2' Was the best version i've played ever.

Q. Can i run GTA V with intel core 2 duo processor and intel graphics card because i don't want to install it on my laptop and yeah it's sucks that the desktop is core 2 duo and intel graphics and my laptop is i5 so also still :Oed up. 

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5 hours ago, Simple01 said:

A: Green.

Q: What's your favourite scripter? :V


A. a lot of scripters are good like dan ,arc,50p,castillo,kenix,50p,TAPL,Al3grab,MR.S3D,3NAD,Simple01 with pairs :lol: .

Q. Ask your self :)  

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