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I deleted the last one.

I know no one will whine or complain because nobody really CARES about their posts counts, DO THEY!?!?

Q: do you? (Note: answering this wrong results in a ban, enjoy :-D)

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A: It was, it was a place where they could spam, and get a post count for a little while, till a random mod (usually me) decides its time to restart and delete the thread, because people shouldnt care about their spam at all.

not that it matters cause people still spam outside of here ANYWAY. Hence a good reason to delete it every once and a while?

Q:Man, dont you just love me? (again, ban warning :-D)

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A. Bill, lmfao man. I didn't think I contributed that much, I must have lost 600 posts. Thanks for lowering my PPD :D

Q. Did you really think you were going to keep all those spam posts? And where is our BLAST section? We hit 500 and way beyond!

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A. probably

For future refrence bill, LOCK and MOVE the thread... i wanted to go back and see the funny sh** in a few years... i cant do that now =P

Q. how much did i lose?

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