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How To unVisible GUI in other Script !

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Hello Guys !

I want to unVisible GUI in other script in my script

Example : -

I tried to unVisible Freeroam in my script but I failed

I tried to go to resource freeroam and try but there I Couldn't too -_-

+ I want to CancelEvent for exit from Car but i failed too -_-

I didn't know what is the wrong I went to wiki and copied the Code and make team >>> SKIN >>>>

and Code Didn't Work !!!

That's all for Now Thanks for reading

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It's pretty easy to cancel the event to exit from a vehicle , i guess you tried the wrong event xD

Here is a example.

function exitVehicle ( thePlayer, seat, jacked ) --when a player enters a vehicle 
        outputChatBox ( "You can't exit from this vehicle!", thePlayer ) --and tell the player why 
addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartExit", getRootElement(), exitVehicle ) -- add an event handler for onVehicleStartExit 

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