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Need help with F1 Menu


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Hello guys, I have been searching for solution for 2 days now and somehow I didn't find the right answer (thats why I'm now posting here).

Sooo, I would like to make the F1 menu (freeroam resource) to work only with Admins (or any group, not for all).

Please tell me how to do it or what should I try if you aren't sure it works.

Thanks in advance, jEErc

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  • MTA Team

You probably won't understand it as a newbie in scripting, but:

Delete that part, which shows/hides the freeroam window clientside and make a command bind serverside to control the permission (isOjbectInACLGroup) there and to send a response to a client to either show or hide the window.

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I can not get it to work because I'm not even sure how half of this stuff works.. But still thank you alot for instructions. I will just disable the resource untill I get a little better at scripting so I can set it up correctly. (Will post how exactly I did it once i manage to do so)

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