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[HELP] Setting player into a team when logged in


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Hello guys, I wanted to make a script that sets admins into the "Staff" team when they login, here is the code:

addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", resourceRoot, function ( ) 
    local Admins = getOnlineAdmins() 
        if #Admins ~= 0 then 
            for k,v in ipairs ( Admins ) do  
            setPlayerTeam ( getPlayerName(v), "Staff") 
end ) 
function getOnlineAdmins() 
    local t = {} 
    for k,v in ipairs ( getElementsByType("player") ) do 
        while true do 
            local acc = getPlayerAccount(v) 
            if not acc or isGuestAccount(acc) then break end 
            local accName = getAccountName(acc) 
            local isAdmin = isObjectInACLGroup("user."..accName,aclGetGroup("Admin")) 
            if isAdmin == true then 
    return t 

There are no errors and it doesn't set the player in the team, anyone know what's wrong?

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