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[PROJECT] Death Race


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Hello everybody.

Today i am present you my idea about a new gaming mode, Death Race (nspirate by the movie Death Race from 2008)

Fast presentation :

Death Race is a gamemode mixing Race and shooters with custom vehicle.

In details by players progression :

- Entering the server :

When the players join the server an animation will show when the player finish the download associate with a login panel. (until this all is fine) After logined the players will see the main menu with several selection composed by :Arena, Training, Office, Garage and options.

- Arena :

The players can create an arena or join a current one.

When you create an arena you can slect the amount of racer, the maps, the mode (free for all, team vs team).

When the waiting menu you can select your car and see the setting of this arena. you can also see the vehicle of others racer.

- Stats:

You can see your stats and stats of others players, you can also load tops stats.

- Warehouse:

Buy new cars (3vehicle by accounts).

Customisation of your car and your bonus (bought new weapons and others).

The vehicle will have some parameter like speed, acceleration, adherence, weight and armor.

In this garage you can bought engines, turbo, wheels, suspension, ammo box, vehicle color, weapons (gun, flamethower, rocket, grenade), Nepal, Armor shield, road spikes, mine and others...).

- Options :

In this part you can edit your setting of your account, setting of your game (shader, binds, others...)

- Gameplay :

This race will be not with checkpoint but by laps, first lap all pickup will be disable. its after the second laps that pickups will appears.

2 type of pickups : Attack & Defense


VERSION 0.1 alpha built :

- Login panel

- Rendering systeme dx and camera animation (this functions will be shared for MTA community)

- Downloading system with animate sequance

- Main menu

- Arena system

- Map manager

- Spawn manager

- Warehouse (garage)


Progression general :

If you are interesting by the idea and you want take part of this project please contact me in skype : clement.vieville

i will need one more developpers for help me and one modeler.

Thanx for reading guys.

I hope you will like this project.


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Anybody is interested by this project really ?

(sorry for up but i don't understand this community, whne someone try to create something new, nobody care and then when they steal or leak ressource like RP, Race and others script all post or encourage them...)

I need your opinion (and also a motivation).

I hope you understand...

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