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[HELP] I can not get the id


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Hello, I have a problem with the ID of the object when you want the object to delete it I can not retrieve the ID

function RemoveObject(object) 
  local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getElementData(object, "parent")) 
  destroyElement(getElementData(object, "parent")) 
     local nid = getElementData(getElementData(object, "parent"),"nid") 
   outputChatBox (nid) 
     --local d = dbQuery ( dbConnection, "DELETE FROM Objects WHERE id='"..nid.."'" ) 
     --dbFree ( d ) 
addEvent("removeObject", true) 
addEventHandler("removeObject", getRootElement(), RemoveObject) 

Trigger Event "RemoveObject":

    if itemName == "Case" then 
      local col = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "currentCol") 
      triggerServerEvent("removeObject", getLocalPlayer(), getElementData(col, "parent")) 

error in console:

[16:31:29] WARNING: [scripts]/Testing/m_s.lua:10: Bad argument @ 'getElementData

' [Expected element at argument 1]

[16:31:29] WARNING: [scripts]/Testing/m_s.lua:10: Bad argument @ 'getElementData

' [Expected element at argument 1, got boolean]

[16:31:29] WARNING: [scripts]/Testing/m_s.lua:12: Bad argument @ 'outputChatBox'

[Expected string at argument 1, got boolean]

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