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[SELL] Roleplay gamemode 100%


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I'm not interested, no, but it's like Et-win said.

If you truly made a Roleplay gamemode "full with innovative and good scripts and systems" you should be proud to show it off, and not so secretive. It just makes it look like you're trying to sell a stolen resource which you actually do not have permission to sell or even distribute for that matter.

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  • MTA Team

What systems? Paradise is a free gamemode. The only things you would need in it is police jail and that's it. Besides, I even released a version for that on my GitHub, including two other massive roleplay gamemodes, of which one is new and currently under development. Do not buy stuff that you can get for free.

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If really u are interested, contact me and i tell you all about gamemode.

Nice try but serious developers post as much information they can get into a forum topic rather than asking people to spam their mailbox, my guess is that you just took the paradise game mode as it is, made a few changes, compiled it to make it useless and now selling it, am I right? Feel free to prove the opposite.

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