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So I am working on an Inventory system and I am trying to get the item amount from an item and when I try to get it, it outputs this to the chat: table: 0x9b1c038

Not sure what this is, but it isn't what I want (I want the number that is under the amount)

This is the sql command I am using:

    local currentAmount = exports.mysqlconfig:querySingle("SELECT itemAmount FROM `playerItems` WHERE `itemName` = ? AND `serial` = ?", name, serial) 
outputChatBox("" .. tostring(currentAmount)) 

I have tried querySingle and query and they both send the same thing.

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I'd rather try doing the following:

for k,v in pairs(currentAmount) do 
    outputChatBox(k.." => "..v) 

as it might be possible that it's indexed this way: currentAmount["itemAmount"] instead as "querySingle" probably automatically adds "LIMIT 1" to your actual query (as the function's name contains single). Although, it would be way easier if you show us the mentioned function you're calling.

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