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[REL|SELL] xLoader v2.0


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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06oIX8WJ8Hg

Load mods in background


In script (codeMods.lua):

["nebula.dff"] = 400, 
["nebula.txd"] = 400, --- Then we load nebula.dff and txd to Landstalker 


<file src="nebula.dff" download="false"/> 
<file src="nebula.txd" download="false"/> 

Version 2.0 changelog:

Fixed issues. 
Added collision support. 
Added other mods support. 
Added weapon support. 
Added object support. 

Download: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... s&id=10814

Uncompiled script is only $2, just pm to me.

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The script support skin mods.

I made a file called skins and i put the skins there, included them in meta.xml:



And in the server side script too i added:

skins/survivor1.txd = 51,

skins/survivor1.dff = 51,

What could i have done wrong? myabe somthing must be added too in the client script?

Nevermind, it worked perfectly with skins, weapons, wheels and vehicles Thanks alot brother :)

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