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https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Cl ... _functions

Attach the weapon to the player hand and give the player a weapon of those exist in GTA and replace the weapon with invisible txd and dff so that you have the animation of the player holding a weapon and able to aim and try to think about the rest yourself.

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It is so easy to replace the skin , but how to actually ADD weapons ? Maybe it's not possibe :D Or.. ? What is

for ?


As I already said, you cannot add a weapon in GTA/MTA! You can imitate a weapon but it is really hard (You have to mod an object into a weapon, attach it to the player, make sure that the player has the shooting animation when shooting and also create bullet effects and make them effective on the victim)

And createWeapon is to spawn an already exising weapon (Default weapons) as an object on the map, and make them fire (or lets players fire with them I think)

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