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Vehicle handling



Hi everyone, I hope somebody can help me with a script. I have a problem with a vehicle handling script. It's works perfectly, but if i have to restart the server, handling on made cars disappear ( roleplay server with mysql db, so permanents cars), but if i create a new car, handling works perfectly. How can i do a function that set's handling to all vehicles on the server by model? Or can i fix this one? Or have anybody another resource that set's custom handling to all cars on the server?

This is the handling script, i have a complect resource for mods if you want to see...

handlingProperties = {  
    "identifier", "mass", "turnMass", "dragCoeff", "centerOfMassX", "centerOfMassY", 
    "centerOfMassZ", "percentSubmerged", "tractionMultiplier", "tractionLoss", "tractionBias", "numberOfGears", 
    "maxVelocity", "engineAcceleration", "engineInertia", "driveType", "engineType", "brakeDeceleration", 
    "brakeBias", "ABS", "steeringLock", "suspensionForceLevel", "suspensionDamping", "suspensionHighSpeedDamping", 
    "suspensionUpperLimit", "suspensionLowerLimit", "suspensionFrontRearBias", "suspensionAntiDiveMultiplier", "seatOffsetDistance", "collisionDamageMultiplier", 
    "monetary", "modelFlags", "handlingFlags", "headLight", "tailLight", "animGroup" 
function setHandling ( model, property, value ) 
    if not isHandlingPropertySupported ( property ) then 
        return false 
    if isHandlingPropertyCorrectable ( property ) then 
        value = getCorrectedHandlingValue ( value ) 
    elseif isHandlingPropertyHexadecimal ( property ) then 
        value = tonumber ( "0x" .. value ) 
        value = tonumber ( value ) 
        if isHandlingPropertyCenterOfMass ( property ) then 
            local com = getModelHandling ( model )["centerOfMass"] 
            local axis = property 
            property = "centerOfMass" 
            if axis == "centerOfMassX" then 
                value = { value, com[2], com[3] } 
            elseif axis == "centerOfMassY" then 
                value = { com[1], value, com[3] } 
            elseif axis == "centerOfMassZ" then 
                value = { com[1], com[2], value } 
    if not setModelHandling ( model, property, value ) then 
        outputDebugString ( tostring(property) ) 
    return true 
function isHandlingPropertySupported ( property ) 
    local unsupported = { 
        ["ABS"]=true, ["monetary"]=true,  
        ["headLight"]=true, ["tailLight"]=true, 
    if unsupported[property] then 
        return false 
    return true 
function isHandlingPropertyCorrectable ( property ) 
    local props ={  
        ["driveType"]=true, ["engineType"]=true, 
        ["headLight"]=true, ["tailLight"]=true 
    return props[property] or false 
function isHandlingPropertyCenterOfMass ( property ) 
    local props = { 
        ["centerOfMassX"]=true, ["centerOfMassY"]=true, 
    return props[property] or false 
function isHandlingPropertyHexadecimal ( property ) 
    if property == "modelFlags" or property == "handlingFlags" then 
        return true  
    return false 
local correctedValues = { 
    ["f"] = "fwd", 
    ["r"] = "rwd", 
    ["4"] = "awd", 
    ["p"] = "petrol", 
    ["d"] = "diesel", 
    ["e"] = "electric", 
    ["0"] = "long", 
    ["1"] = "small", 
    ["3"] = "big", 
function getCorrectedHandlingValue ( value ) 
    return correctedValues[string.lower(value)] or "big" -- as 3 cant be converted to 'tall', we use 'big' 

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