[Free] MTA: DayZ Backup System v1.6

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Nice script :D its help me a lots , but can you added to save the player data ass wel

Saving player data isn't so easy cause I need to rewrite some built-in DayZ functions and it will not work with the addons from internet.

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no download links?

On the first post, there is a big black download button!

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On 17/1/2015 at 08:29, Tekken said:


MTA: DayZ Backup System v1.6

Automatically save vehicles & tents.




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  • /vehbk -Save the cars manually
  • /loadvehs -Load the cars



  • /tentbk -Save the tents manually
  • /loadtents -Load the tents



  • /togbk -Toggle automatic backup on/off



  • /dvehs -Delete all cras
  • /dtents -Delete all tents


What does it save ?:

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  • 1 -Car/tent model,
  • 2 -Car/tent position,
  • 3 -Tire in car,
  • 4 -Fuel in car,
  • 5 -Tank parts in car,
  • 6 -Car/tent slots,
  • 7 -Items from car/tent,
  • 8 -Tent scale.


Video vehicle backup:


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Video tents backup:


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Note: The resources must be in a folder not in *.zip file, otherwise it will not work properly!

Note: The resource doesn't work with this [LINK] version of MTA:DayZ !

Note: When you start the resource type: /togbk to start/stop automatic backup!

Note: The resource don't load vehicles/tents automatically!






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[Ver: 1.6](MySQL/SQLite) Added: /dvehs & /dtents + general fixes

[Ver: 1.5](MySQL/SQLite) Fixed: Backup & load functions!

[Ver: 1.4](MySQL/SQLite) Added: Saving items from vehicles!

[Ver: 1.3](MySQL/SQLite) Removed: XML!

[Ver: 1.2](XML/MySQL/SQLite) Added: MySQL and SQLite!

[Ver: 1.1](XML) Added: Tent save system!

[Ver: 1.0](XML) : Vehicle save system!




Good job :D Link pls?

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I'm sorry, but are you blind? Can't you see the god damn black download button? and also there is above your post a link....I won't post it again.

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Just to let you know, your download link shows up like that: 

That's probably why most people don't know where the download is, same thing happens to image in your signature.

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Hmm somehow for me the images are there, anyway I will fix this ASAP.

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