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Waltsu Hosting - Paysafecard & PayPal - First month 50% off


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Hello fellow MTA-players!

I am representative of Waltsu Hosting.

We are the biggest hosting company in Finland offering game services,

and we have expanded to offer MTA hosting.

All our services have DDoS protection.

You will control your server via TCadmin control panel,

which gives you access to Start / Stop / Restart, console view and server Files.

Use promotion code MTA50 to get first month 50% off!

Our pricing:

20 slots - 5€ / mo

50 slots - 10€ / mo

100 slots - 15€ / mo

150 slots - 22.50€ / mo

Click the link below to order:


You can pay via PaySafeCard or PayPal.

You will be redirected to PaySafeCard website to complete payment

(we do not want to see your psc-digit in skype.. :D)


We offer you 24/7 support via Skype.

Add me on skype and ask more: live:waltsu (or click the link below)


(We also offer Minecraft hosting (2€ / mo), Voice services, web hosting, domains and more)

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I do not really believe that telling what hardware we use make people think we offer good service.

Anyone could lie what they got, and tell that they have better hardware than they actually have.

However, our MTA servers run on machines built from these

(amount of CPU, RAM and HDD may vary):

Intel Xeon E5 2670 v2


SAS 15k HDD Hardware RAID 5

All the servers are running Debian Wheezy 64 bit.

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You see that's the problem, I'm not looking for a reason to claim the server has "good hardware", I know what my server needs and I know that in shared hosting solutions there's always someone who steal all resources for himself making it lag for anyone else, how do you solve this is my question and once again, what are the specifications. I don't wanna hear "good" or "bad", I would like to hear what they are. Also I'm not in need of OP hardware, just want to know if it's good enough for my server with a certain amount of players online.

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I am not quite sure if you are still unsure or not, but we do not have lag issues if that's what you want to know :)

Only the limitations from MTA server itself (too many resources etc) might cause lag, but that's not hardware related.

Our MTA-servers run fine with even 100 players online, guaranteed.

We've even sponsored the biggest MTA server in Finland.

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