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Make an scoreboard?

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Out from this pointless confrontation that you're having over here, I recommend you to begin with the following piece of code:

local scoreboard = {data = {}} 
function scoreboard:generate () 
    local data = {players = {}, teams = {}) 
    for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("team")) do 
        data.teams[v] = {} 
    for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do 
        local team = getPlayerTeam(v) 
        if not team then 
            table.insert(data.players, v) 
            table.insert(data.teams[team], v) 
    self.data = data 

Once held all the necessary data on a table, you will simply need to use dx functions whilst looping over it.

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Bonsai, why you always say that i cant? Just if you dont wanna help just ignore my post ...

Because its always the same.

You ask what functions you have to use.

Someone posts them.

After that you ask for an example, whatever you mean by that.

But it feels like you never actually finish something, considering your skills don't seem to improve at all.

I would like to help you, but you always ask this weird questions.

You should at least have tried something on your own before you post here, so you can ask about some specific problem.

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