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Race Scripts made by Malak


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Hello guys !

Today i presents you a part of my work.

This is a new race gamemode and features in the version 0.1 delta built.

Contains :

- Stats for players : Wins, Played Kills, Factor Destruction, Factor Distance, Money, XP, Level, ratios and others features.

- Top stats : Wins, Winstreak, Kills, Runner, Camper, Killer (kill/map), Cash, Level and others...

- Shop Panel : You can buy an item and use it later with predefined bind.

- Settings : Vehicles colors, Chat colors, Wheels, Nitro mode and others setting.

- New graphical at the end of the round : Players information, Map information, Vote map.

- Speedometer

- Radar (in dev)

- Roads textures

There is the contains of theses scripts it must be installed properly if u want help you can contact me in skype at clement.vieville or send me a pm here.

There is one screen (didn't got the time to make others) :



Version 0.1DT

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