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Rewrite/Export Functions


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Hey there!

I am searching a solution for a function export problem. What i want to do is:

- replace functions with a script( that will work for all the code in the same script)

- the replaced functions should be accessible for other resources


- resource A replaces outputChatBox() so every text called with this will be green

- resource B contains the outputChatBox() and the text created there should automatically be green without IMPORTING anything

Hopefully there are some smarter guys out there, thanks for your help!

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I'm pretty sure you can't replace exported functions without editing meta AND restarting the required resource. But you can always do that somewhere outside of that resource. Though you can make predefined exported functions and replace these functions in other resources so they call that resource.

If you don't really need exports to get function results, you can simply use events + replaced functions in another resource. A replaced resource should look something like:

function outputChatBox(text,player) 
  return triggerEvent("outputChatBoxEvent",player,text,player) 

That should be more flexible.

If you really need replacements with dynamc exports and stuff, this should require MTA codebase changes.

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  • MTA Team

Edit: You could also copy the "util" code to each resource but you would have to maintain the code in each resource.

Resource A: (e.g. called util)

This resource only serves the code by calling its exported function.

    <script src="script.lua"/> 
    <export function="getCode"/> 

LUACODE = [===[ 
    local _outputChatBox = outputChatBox 
    function outputChatBox(message, target, _, _, _, colorcoded) 
        return _outputChatBox(message, target, 0, 255, 0, colorcoded) 
function getCode() 
    return LUACODE 

Resource B

This resource has to load the code from util on start.

    <include resource="util"/> 
    <script src="script.lua"/> 


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