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.luac necessity and server/client side-priority


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am I correct in assuming that under normal operations Server side scripting is not accessible to the player in original format. Making it more secure, and making .luac of server side scripts all but totally unnecessary? And is there a tutorial for server/client side-priority, what typically goes where?

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So server side scripts, run from a computer only I have physical and virtual access to is as "secure" as anything else on my hard drive?

And as to priority I mean some things can go either place. I presume client side would reduce bandwidth and server load while supplying the content without any lag?

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Clientside and serverside are two total different systems. They both have their own jobs, in most cases they are different pc's. In some cases you can do things one sided, but design, rights and possibility's are spilt up by those sides.

Are you aware of their purposes and why there are functions that can only can be executed on one side?

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