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Why the sudden Timed Out


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I have a problem:

sometimes almost out of my server 50 player suddenly and the reason is [ Timed Out ]

What is the reason the piece?

Is there pressure on the server?

Or is it an attack on the stomping

Or is something normal and happens all the servers?

Happens the server loses connection to the internet or the connection gets too slow. So I would say somebody is DoSsing you or you use your internet too intensively, which leaves no speed for the server and players waiting for response simply timing out.

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@Grafu Thanks for your support, you do not understand his, he want to say for you, when setup external download on his vps, when his server got count 100+ of players, group of players got timed out in same time, this problem in my vps same and i talk ccw about this problem and i wait his replay.

Thanks for you anyway.

@Edit : wiki page : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/In ... Web_Server

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