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How to replace a MTA model to multiple models? Possible?


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I'd like to know if I can replace a MTA model to multiple models. I mean, NRG-500's Model ID is 522. I know how to replace it with my nrg.dff and nrg.txd (example) files. But, can I replace it with more than one model? Like,

if getElementData(vehicle, "model") == 1 then (example code) replace with nrg1.dff, nrg1.txd files. if getElementData(vehicle, "model") == 2 then (example code) replace with nrg2.dff, nrg1.txd files. So can I use more than one model with a NRG500? I can do it with the textures but I don't know with the models.


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