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Top Wins function help


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hello here is the code that i need to fix

function topmap( player, command ) 
    local map = getResourceName ( exports['mapmanager']:getRunningGamemodeMap ( ) ) 
    local tableOrder = { } 
    for i, v in ipairs ( getAccounts ( ) ) do 
    table.insert ( 
            name = getAccountData ( v, "nick") or getAccountName(v), 
            data = getAccountData ( v, map) or 0 
    table.sort ( 
        function ( a, b ) 
            return ( tonumber ( a.data ) or 0 ) > ( tonumber ( b.data ) or 0 ) 
    triggerClientEvent ( "returnTable", getRootElement(), tableOrder ) 
addEventHandler ( "onMapStarting", root, topmap) 
function refresh(thePlayer) 
    local account = getPlayerAccount(source) 
    setAccountData(account, "nick", getPlayerName(source) ) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerConnect", getRootElement(), refresh) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", getRootElement(), refresh) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerChangeNick", getRootElement(), refresh) 
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", getRootElement(), refresh) 

my friend gave me but it doesn't store wins nowhere

he don't know how to do it either

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my friend gave me but it doesn't store wins nowhere

Yeah indeed, the code doesn't even try to store the wins from what you pasted.

You just pasted a piece of code that loads the winners ordered by number of wins for the current map and send the whole table to the client-side to be displayed I guess.

If you don't have any other function to show us, then you are not asking for help, but you are currently asking for someone to make it for you. And I'm sorry but it will likely not happen.

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