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Getting all world objects


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So I am wanting to get all the world objects and store in a table.

How do I get all of them?

I have tried getElementsByType("object") but that only gets objects that are created by the player or that are mapped (I am using it clientside, but have also tried it serverside and it still doesnt work the way I want it to)

How do I get every single object there is in the world as well as the standard GTA world objects that in the world?


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Ahk, thanks for your help.

The reason why I am asking is because I am making a system where players can put there own objects in-game and I am wanting to try and make it so the players can't put items under the ground or inside other world objects.

The way I was going to detect it was getting all the world objects, then having a colshape attached to the players object and when the colshape was inside a world object (which would also mean the object as well), it wouldn't allow the object to be placed.

Unless there is an easier way in doing this?

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