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Rotating ALWAYS yield nasty artifacts


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I haven't really had to rotate images before, but now I do and it does not work well. No matter how I size or design my image and try to rotate it, be it a cricle or be it a rectangle - it always get really nasty white along its edges.

I do not get those artifacts at angles such as 0/90/180 and so on... Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I've tried all texture edge methods but they do absolutely nothing to remedy this. :/


Meh, figured it out right after I posted this. I had made a typo and saved it as 255x256 instead of 256x256. Well at least it's there if someone else gets the same thing happening :P

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Use at least the "clamp" method. I also recommend you not to scaling your image. Just use the download-function to download the image which is matching the resolution, like a responsive website.

I tried using that method as it was recommended in the Wiki, but it made absolutely no difference. The issue was that the image was not in a power of two. Scaling it looks fine.

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