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First off, no idea if this is the right section, if it isn't, feel free to move it.

Second off, RPG(Yea, yea. I don't much play them at all but I know someone who seems to love the idea of having one).

Probably not full time, but I am curious what respected scripters will charge.

I assume it'll be by the hour so what it is your doing shouldn't matter too much. Basically just need skills with Lua and the MySQL library / SQL language.

I don't expect it to be something ridiculous like $5 an hour, I just want to know whether or not I will be able to afford it when I got a job.

So, anyone around here even looking for scripting jobs? If so, what do you charge and have you any proof that you aren't gonna scam me? Wouldn't want to have to go after you :lol:

Just FYI, I am an MTA scripter of sorts myself, but I have absolutely no time for it. Which I imagine most people here probably don't either, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I manage to work maybe an hour or two a week if lucky. The other guy doesn't enjoy it much I don't think. So many random skype callings. I don't much like being called on Skype without my permission.

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Ah by resource? I figured most coders charged by the hour

I mean if I had a good functional resource I could probably fix or upgrade stuff myself, but I don't have the time to get it to a functional playable fun state.

But if there arent' any then the server will just have to be dead until one day in the future when I'm less busy, maybe when I'm done with university haha

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There are indeed people scripting for a living but we don't call it scripting anymore. It's a bit more advanced, we call it programming. I'm doing this for a living, and for some extra fun I'm doing some scripting. Not to get paid big time, I enjoy making people happy. If you're thinking about taking scripting as a serious job, make sure you write your scripts solid, fast and exactly how the customer wants it.

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Ah. Well people who make resources/addons/etc for things say MTA or Garry's Mod, usually seem to call it scripting.

But I am familiar with the term programming of course, I am one myself. I do all sorts. Web dev, desktop dev, some game scripting, game dev, mobile dev. Bit of everything really.

And I wasn't saying I want to be paid for scripting, i was simply asking how much I'd have to pay someone else to do it because I don't have the time.

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The difference between Scripting and Programming has been wildly thrown around throughout the years, but here's how I see it;


This is when you create something that then has to be compiled, in order to run. For example, MTA was made via programming C++ and can execute Scripts(see it as a sort of addon).


Is mostly a simplified way of programming, using languages such as Lua and Python which doesn't have to be compiled to run(there's a few exceptions I believe), therefore lets the playerbase create their own scripts to alter the otherwise hardcoded gameplay mechanics/logic. And this is where most people get confused, while they may seem knowledgeable regarding scripting for MTA, they most of the time wouldn't stand a chance doing "raw" coding. What we're using in MTA is but an API that is so well-documented in the Wiki, it's hard not to understand it. (Sorry if this offended someone?)

That said, however. It's a great way to learn the very basics of programming. Learning what variables, integers and such are and how you can use them. As well as logical thinking ;)

To me programming and scripting has absolutely nothing to do with whether you're doing it professionally or not.

Then again as I said, the definitions of those has been thrown around a lot. People always say they mean different things and I don't think there's any absolute definition written in stone.

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