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Ubuntu MTA 1.4



Hi guys,

I want to ask you why i cant install MTA on Ubuntu (MTA 1.4 ofc)? I installed GTA:SA (and it works fine) on Wine (using PlayOnLinux) and when im trying to install MTA it stuck on starting some vcredist12_x86 and then i have blank error and rest installation is going fine. But when im trying to start MTA wild error appears saying that installation gone wrong, please reinstall.

What should i do?

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Make sure that you are using a 32 bits wineprefix or windows installation (aka WINEARCH=win32)

What wine version are you using? Try wine stable 1.6.2 or one of the latest 1.7.x releases.

I am using Sabayon with wine-1.7.33 (Staging) and MTA works fine except for some font artifacts/glitches on MTA, e.g. chat.

I am also using a ubuntu based distro wine wine-1.6.2 and also MTA works fine, and without font glitches

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