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Searching for a host company. [PAKISTAN]

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I've been searching for a hosting company that accepts payment from mobile or mailing but i couldnot find such a hosting solution in Pakistan.

I want to buy a server for my new clan so please help me or if someone can host for free can also PM me in forums or contact me in skype: fahadazeem5

So, please help me.



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Well, 2 euro VPS will have very low spec and won't be able to handle more than 25 players at once. Most of the cheap servers are hosted on USA which means players will have higher ping. The storage are lower which means storage fill be full quickly and players data wont be saved. Even if you delete log files and stuff you will need to restart the VPS everytime you do that. Your server will have a lot of downtime. Plus those VPS are unmanaged, you will your time on setting up everything.

Conclusion: I suggest you to get a proper managed MTA server as it will be easier for you. I say this because of my personal experience. I had a USA server which was very cheap but it had so high ping that players got so frustrated about it. So I then bought another USA server but this time paid $35 more (priced yearly) and now I have a powerful VPS which has fair ping.

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