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Your MTA History And Moments


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Hello Everybody,

After all those years of MTA:SA, i have experienced so many great things as well as bad but mostly good.

I just wanna share my history and epic moments with you guys.

You guys can also post your MTA thingies on here like how you got here, funny moment (with screenshot/video or not), How was your journy and anything related to MTA:SA which you feel you need to share!

(I will soon post mine)

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Would take like a month to write it all up. In brief, here's my journey:

Started without a server, community, team, etc. because I had no idea how to do it and didn't know anybody (same as everybody else).

Now I'm without a server, community, team, etc. because I can't be bothered with the same old competitive crap and have found that in MTA you can't trust anybody.

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Everybody have their own perspective/experience.

Yeah, they are some scammers, lazies and liars out there but still many are not.

They are script selling businesses, most of those are going fine and thus, you can trust someone in mta for sure.

Take a month or 2, but don't forgot to post it!

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Heres Mine:-

Long time back, if i am right, it was summer holidays in 2011 and i have brought a new CD of GTA VC, as i was installing the game from cd, i notice there was some other installer named "MTA vc" or something. And i was curious and after searching a bit i found this site and came to know that MTA vc has came to next stage known as MTA sa. at first i didn't understand any thing (Yeah, i was new to gta series and to be honest, overall gaming things) and leave it and after a week or so, i install gta and then mta.

Mta was my first mmo game and one of my favorites too. :)

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