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Furniture for my house system


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Hi all I finish my house system a long time ago in 2014 and with mta 1.4 new functions I'd like to make furnture system for the house system so the problem was how to save objects that you buy for your house using sql ??

It will be a big database with lag on players join and quit also making many objects will influance on the FPS so how to resolve all this ? Any suggetions please

Regards ,

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As a simple solution: store everything in a table (objects positions, model IDs, etc.), convert it to JSON string and save it in your database. When someone gets inside of a house, extract furniture data from the database (I mean that JSON string), send it to the client, convert it to a normal table (using fromJSON()), loop through it and create objects client-side, so it won't affect other players.

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