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getting all resources


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hello, i am trying to loop through all resources but both methods give ridicilous errors

method one

for _,resources in pairs(getResources()) do 
          local name = getResourceInfo(resources,"name") 

method one: some error at getResourceInfo

-- attempt to concentrate local 'resources' (a userdata value)

method two:

for _,resources in pairs(getElementsByType("resource")) do 
          local name = getResourceInfo(resources,"name") 

expected getResourceInfo... expected resource-data got resource -- ??????

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without name i can't proceed.

i have downloaded a random map and here is meta part of info

"race" type="map" name="[DM] Javelin ft. StyLeX - Skilled Club" author="Javelin & StyLeX" version="1.0.1">

also im having problem with expected resource-data got resource warning which causes me to fail to get resources and their info

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turns out that i have forgot this line

if (getResourceInfo(resource,"type") == "map") and (getResourceInfo(resource,"gamemodes") == "race") and getResourceInfo(resource,"name") then 

so if it would find a single resource without that name and map and gamemode thingy, it would abort the script

anyway thanks for help guys

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