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Bounding box the text dynamically


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Simply put, how am I supposed to make a dynamic bounding box? The box's size should change with the text in the GUILabel/d3text. If I type in more text, it should expand to accomodate said text, if I type in less text, it should retract.

To be more precise, I want a dialog box similar to the ones found in all GTA Games positioned in the top left corner which shows hints & other stuff to the palyer.

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Thanks for your answers. I got to dxGetWidth already, and, as I said, I am more concerned with word wrapping and its effect on this whole thing. I would want to keep my text's width constant and set the height according to the amount of text in the dxText. I already found my answer, which is the dxGetFontHeight function. It was kind of stupid, I must've missed it late at night. Thanks for all your answers.

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