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Banned by MTA



Hi, I won't be lying. I'm banned by MTA because using a cheat named GALARETKA but let me explain why it happen.

because of holidays my nephew come to our house and caught me on installing San Andreas and MTA to it. so he asked me if he can play a little cuz on his PC he have some problems with it. Well I am beginner in that sort of games so it supposed to be my first time with San Andreas and MTA and I wasn't think much about it when I let him play cuz I wanna him to teach me a few tricks he talking about. So we try to connect with some Dayz mod server and it was a lot of downloading (something like 300mb) so I left the game open with my nephew in front of it and go to living room to eat something and when I back my nephew playing already without any issue. He teach me a few tricks as he promise and asked me if I can let him play a while as a reward so I let him cuz it's seems polite to me. After that day I wasn't have much time to run again San Andreas but when I did it today I see I'm banned on every server in MTA so I googled about it and about GALARETKA and when I realize that it must be my nephew fault I called him and after a tough conversation he admitted that he did it because he can't play on his PC anymore and he wanted to piss of some admin on some dayz server. so here I am asking you admins for unban my account and promise to you that it won't happen again becuase as I said before it's my first time with that sort of games and I won't start my adventure with any kind of cheat cuz for me it's ruining a pleasure of game for everybody on server. I'm a former CS 1.6 player and I'm disgust by cheaters. I hope you understand, Thanks.

My MTA serial: 2F29DB77A6602F1945587E4B504B9043

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