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parachute mod


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here are some good opcodes to make a parachute mod, any help?

here is so you can shoot it down :P

035d: make_object_targettable $objectID

038c: scatter_object $objectID, rX, rY, rZ

should be the hook, not certain....

035c: place_object_relative_to_object $objectID, $carID, X, Y, Z

(not at all certain if it works for a actor, doubtful.)

here, is to play the chute .wav

03cf: load_wav int (ID), TEXT (wavefile)

03d0: is_wav_loaded int (ID)

03d1: play_wav int (ID)

03d2: is_wav_done int (ID)

ejection button:

03e2: make_actor_leave_vehicle $actorID


00e1: is_key_pressed int (0), int (key)

2 turn l/r look/turret l/r

3 look l/r (classic mode) turret up/down

4 action key radio

5 prev. weapon look l/behind

6 aim/target handbrake

7 next weapon look r/behind

8 forward

9 backward

10 strafe l turn l

11 strafe r turn r

12 exit certain modes (while "lock_actor")

13 camera camera

14 jump brake/backward

15 enter vehicle exit vehicle

16 sprint gas/forward

17 shoot/attack shoot

18 crouch horn

19 look behind sub-mission

unfortunatly thats all i could find for now.

good luck with that, hope i saved yall a bit more trouble.

need more profession SCM coders then me, i could try it, but im sure id be bootlegged.

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lol no offence, but who doesnt know how to work keypress methods in scm.. anyway, this idea is sheer brilliance

as for changing speed of how fast you fall, just change game speed to about 0.4

have a temporary thread running to check for health loss, when you lose health just return health back to what it was before

msn me opium 8)

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there wouldnt exactly be any disabillities of slowing the game speed. so what, the cars would go a little slower, not that you'd notice.

as for the gravity changing, that must be done via memory addressing gtavc.exe..

well i can make a small parachute mod .exe in VB to do that, no problem really...

but im doing alot, dont expect it to be done soon...


rebel if you can make that model, go for it :P

and i can try my best

(btw, have any of you read CyQ's guide to writting to memory offsets in the SCM?)

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Well hows it going? I'm waiting for a model of the parachute or something.

I heard that Switch Designs has made a parachute mod already but I havent seen / downloaded it yet.

btw have u all seen the parachute @ the end of the explicit "homecoming" trailer of san andras? :D:)8):lol::P

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