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Team Lanku (forum making clan) *Applications OPEN

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Hello my name is James Hargus !

I own CRG:RPG and i have started a group named "Team Lanku"

Our Members are:



Soulvier-Co Founder

We make forums for people need them for such as servers, groups, squad, hosters(information), etc.!

They are very detailed and organized .

The website link will always be one of the below!





Basic services(Only package) $5

We design it , put the finishing touches on until the owner loves it!

When they love it we get payed and then give the owner the master account.

Extra Services Listed Below

A-Moderate and change anything for 1month=FREE

B-Moderate and change anything for 1 year= $5 extra

C-Moderate and change anything for lifetime=$15


To get a website today , Fill this application out!

Your Full Name: 
Your Skype/Contact info: 
What you want your forum link to be(including name): 
What Extra Services do you want?: 
Did a friend refer you(if so who?): 
What are the forums your wanting for?: 
What do you want your forum name to be?: 
Do you realize after this application being accepted you must pay before services?:  

TO PAY US (first apply then tell us your sending money) Follow these steps:

1. go to Paypal.com

2. go to the Send tab and click it

3. type in under the email tab jhargus2@gmail.com

4. Type in the amount you are paying

5. Click Continue

6. Click Friends or Family

7. Login and pay



Fill this out below.... *NOTICE we use skype to communicate so you have to get that


Forum Username:


What can you help do for team Lanku?:

Will you be active and help?:

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