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Team Lanku (forum making clan) *Applications OPEN

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Hello my name is James Hargus !

I own CRG:RPG and i have started a group named "Team Lanku"

Our Members are:



Soulvier-Co Founder

We make forums for people need them for such as servers, groups, squad, hosters(information), etc.!

They are very detailed and organized .

The website link will always be one of the below!




Basic services(Only package) $5

We design it , put the finishing touches on until the owner loves it!

When they love it we get payed and then give the owner the master account.

Extra Services Listed Below

A-Moderate and change anything for 1month=FREE

B-Moderate and change anything for 1 year= $5 extra

C-Moderate and change anything for lifetime=$15


To get a website today , Fill this application out!

Your Full Name: 
Your Skype/Contact info: 
What you want your forum link to be(including name): 
What Extra Services do you want?: 
Did a friend refer you(if so who?): 
What are the forums your wanting for?: 
What do you want your forum name to be?: 
Do you realize after this application being accepted you must pay before services?:  

TO PAY US (first apply then tell us your sending money) Follow these steps:

1. go to

2. go to the Send tab and click it

3. type in under the email tab

4. Type in the amount you are paying

5. Click Continue

6. Click Friends or Family

7. Login and pay



Fill this out below.... *NOTICE we use skype to communicate so you have to get that


Forum Username:


What can you help do for team Lanku?:

Will you be active and help?:

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