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Can I use a function declared in fileA.lua in the fileB.lua?

Stanley Sathler

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Yo guys,

It's a doubt that I have.

I have two files: fileA.lua and fileB.lua, both as server-side. If I declare a functioni in the fileA.lua, can I use it in the fileB.lua?


// file: fileA.lua 
function myFunction() 
return 10 

// file: fileB.lua 
function anyFunction() 
outputChatBox("Number: " + myFunction) 


Stanley Sathler.

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If they are both server/client sided (Same), theorically yes, becouse they are being defined globally.

Idk if there's any difference by calling the function g_functionName. Thought i usually do that for this purpouse. Test it thought.

(Remember one file may load before the other, so add a timer.)

Oh and you did a syntax error

// file: fileB.lua 
function anyFunction() 
outputChatBox("Number: " + myFunction()) 

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When the "onResourceStart" event gets executed, all global variables are access able in all 'files'.

You can start calling functions from the other side after this event has been occurred.

It is possible to call them before this event, but you can only call loaded ones.

This depends on which the meta.xml loads first. I won't recommend you this.

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