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[HELP!!] I need help with Nitrado Server


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Hey. Maybe my thread is wrong, against to rules but I really need an urgent help. I have rented a VPS server from Nitrado. They say nothing about what's the OS. I can not connect to mysql because (IMO) the server doesn't have modules for it. I uploaded my modules file to it which I was using in my windows computer (they are .dll) and still I can't connect to the mysql. if some of you used to use nitrado maybe they can help me.


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I can presume the server is not running, if so, you can use Nmap to detect which OS runs on the machine:


If you find out that it's Linux, you can just upload the linux modules and run your server, should work fine.

If you're saying that Nitrado didn't give you what you paid for, or you're not satisfied, I can recommend a solution, feel free to PM me.

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