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Ahh when are you gonna release this??

I was here a while ago and you said something like 5 more days and release , and it tok 5 days since some comp was broken and you needed parts .

Seems to me that you only make more and more gametypes , well cant you just release something so we can play , why make 100 gametypes?

Why cant you release what you have and make your new gametypes for another patch.Its been like 4-5 months now since that 5 day thing

I dont mean to complain but i think you should know how me (and maybe alot of others) feel . I'm starting to give up hope here .

If this MOD turns out how I think it will I will gladly Donate for your hard work ! You done this for us so we can have fun and thats great of you!

Me :?:

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The development of extra game types does not inhibit the construction process of the core mod. You are woefully ill informed it seems from your absurd requests. Releasing the mod as it is now would only be to the detriment of this community once a competitor releases a more stable version. That and the time it takes to compile a release candidate would only delay a more complete version in the future.

It is widely known throughout this community how the initial release has affected the fan-base and the team aren't in a hurry to repeat past mistakes. If anything your request is based on selfishness in it's purest form and any claim you make regarding potential donations are nothing short of absurd given your status as just another drooling fan. It's clear that you didn't bother to think things through when you typed that out. The team, as you are well aware, does not need to be reminded of how eagerly the community anticipates the next release.

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