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[REL] IVSE 1.3


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IVSE 1.3


Markers can be locked to:

* Group

* Team

* Job

* Nothing -- anyone can use them

- You can define the rotation of the vehicle.

- You can define the colour of the vehicle, and the marker.

- Attached to a MySQL script, to connect and execute.

- You can add as many vehicles as you want.



~ Updated 1.3:

* You can now choose between MySQL or SQLite databases.

* NOTE: You must import this structure into your database, MySQL or SQLite, it won't work without it.

.SQL: https://mega.co.nz/#!YUJmGLBA!esiae4PNz ... U6R6ELE8yQ


http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... s&id=10589

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Man i've been 4 days struggling to get it to work.. i tryed EVERYTHING but it still dont work, i dont know much in SQLite so please fix it i really really need this script :c

Thank You

as I tried to help you, and you tried to get it working.

PM me your Team Viewer info, and I'll fix it for you.

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Version 1.5 is my personal version, if it didn't work for you, you need Jesus.

Lol idk what's wrong but i think you uploaded it with a bugged datebase cause when i tryed to open it in SQL editor it didnt open and it said wrong format.. could you just upload the database file? which contains the tabels and stuff :/ this is the last thing i ask you to do

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The .db doesn't have to open using SQLite browser, just include it with the resource and run it, use the latest version without changing a thing, start the resource, and I repeat, WITHOUT changing a thing, and do /debugscript 3 and post the error you get

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