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CEGUI is much easier to use, and the resulting code is probably going to be cleaner, but keep in mind it could look differently on each player's screen due to theming.

Dx gui can be annoying and hard to write, but then you can be sure it will look exactly the same on all clients and it also means you have the full control over how windows look and behave, which isn't very true for CEGUI.

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Or.. you can use custom CEGUI, though I heard it's heavy, I recommend it, how? using some png images to form a GUI window.

However, it's not sufficient, you can use DX and it's more advance and lighter.

It's your choice, I recommend the custom CEGUI, though it'll need work, DX is easier.

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using some png images to form a GUI window.

Could you elaborate on that?

I was actually thinking of that as well, but then I found out that I had lot's of GUI's, if each resource would contain a png image the download size would increase a lot. Now that's not the end of the story, a global resource which applies png images to improve the look of standard CE GUI's might be the solution, the download size remains low and everything would be built using standard CE GUI functions, Here's an example of that: https://github.com/GTWCode/GTW-RPG/tree/master/resources/GTWgui

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