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Question about OOP


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I do not understand how to use the variable, the two functions have the same variable, so if I use the variable of isPlayerMuted function, player.muted() without putting any argument as to whether the player is muted or not, I'll have a warning message in debugscript not to use the obligatory argument setPlayerMuted function?

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  • MTA Team

It should work like this (not sure)

local player = Player.getRandom() 
-- Mute the player 
player.muted = true 
setPlayerMuted(player, true) 
-- Unmute the player 
player.muted = false 
setPlayerMuted(player, false) 
-- Is the player muted? 
if player.muted then --[[ ... ]] end 
if player:isMuted() then --[[ ... ]] end 
if isPlayerMuted(player) then --[[ ... ]] end 

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