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How to change the model of a vehicle


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Not entirely sure if you can change the exhaust position with setVehicleComponentPosition 'cause I've never used it.

If you can't then the answer would be the .dff model. I can help you with that if needed. :)


Since I don't whether you're using a customized model or not, I'm not exactly sure where you want this. But an example;


I use 3ds Max 2015 for any modeling I do, that includes models for MTA.

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You can download the 3ds Max script here(I did not upload these!).

Then what you do is use IMG Tool to extract the cheetah.dff from gta3.img. Then you import it into 3ds Max using the above scripts.

Once you've managed to import it successfully you just move the exhuast dummies around, you can also create new ones; exhaust and exhaust2. There's also a flag you might have to change for a vehicle to get double exhausts to work. I'd suggest you use the Handling Editor to test that. :)

I've uploaded the .dff here if you want to check it out.


Oh and to export it, you select everything in the scene and check the "Vehicle Parts" box and then export it to your desired location! :)

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