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fix code

Ahmed Abo-elezz

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please whan i try to start script he say to me

Bad argument @ 'bindKey' [Expected player at argument 1, got resource]

please help me

addEventHandler ("onResourceStart",getRootElement(), 
    function () 
    bindKey (source,"forwards","down",press) 
function press(player,key,state) 
    if (stats == "down") then 
        Again[player] = setTimer(function(player) 
        local x, y, z, rx, ry, rz = getElementAttachedOffsets (Weapon) 
        attachElements (Weapon, vehicle, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz+3) 
        end, 50, 0, player) 
        elseif (stats == "up") and (isTimer(Again[player])) then 
        Again[player] = nil 

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The message is very clear: At bindKey first argument should be player but it was a resource. See the source of onResourceStart, use getElementsByType. One more error at line 9, Weapon is not DEFINED.



no offense but how did u create the ammunation script? seems fishy

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You should attach the event onResourceStart to resourceRoot, as getRootElement will makes the event triggered when any other resources started.

Also in your code the table Again and the variables Weapon and vehicle is not defined.

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