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How to jump with the cursor?

Using the position, iterate through the visible text and checking if the delta position is greater or lower than the cursor position.

How to make a blinking caret?

Use that piece of code when drawing the caret line:

tocolor(0, 0, 0, math.abs(math.sin(getTickCount() / 300)) * 200) 

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Note: string.split and table.size are usefull functions

local text "My Random generated string of text wich goes long" 
local str = string.split(text) 
local mstr = "" 
local boxStart = x*0.2 
local cursorPosition = x*0.3 
for i=1, table.size(str) do 
mstr = mstr..str[i] 
if cursorPosition <= dxGetTextWidth(mstr, scale, font) + boxStart then 
 -- Found da spot! 

You'd still need to do some maths to where to add more characters due to the nature of dxInput, but you can do it from here

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