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Make a downloadbar?

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Hey all! i want to change the default and ugly downloadbar xD

i already maked the interface but now, how to get:

-Total file size

-Current downloaded

-When download has finished

And how to make when the download finish a exit animation...(i refer when the download finish, start exit anim)

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Total file size: you can check all client file on resources running to get total download on frist join on server

Current downloaded: i don't understand this ! xD

When download has finished: use event 'onClientResourceStart' its trigger when resource download finished and started on client

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This atleast, currently downloaded is impossible on the moment if I remember that correctly. I don't know but maybe while downloading the file gets placed in the client's map and then you can check how big that file is and then use some math, but I doubt that.

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If I'm not wrong then downloadFile is using


so you can check for progress using


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