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and i meant that you were wrong about xcr

god, back in the days people would read the 'manual' and didn't ask

To be fair, the manual is out of date (although the majority of it does still apply).

erm, it isn't the manual that comes with .4.1 is placed in the mta folder and is up to date

Yeah, but most people look on the one on the site (I know I did) and I asked a few questions which were covered in the manual, i just didn't know it was there...

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... When it finally gets released.

Im getting quite annoyed by the lack of blue at the moment.

How long has it been now.. 6 months???

Well its about nine months technically since the first post was on september 3rd. I don't know if there were any updates after that.

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Why cant we say what we want on the subject?

My new thread has been locked before I had chance to make a reply??

Its a very touchy subject isnt it - this blue release.

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you said what you wanted and it doesnt help anyone, what do you expect?

you wont get blue earlier if you hurry the devs, despite that youve been merely asking for a release date which is forbidden as stated in the forum rules

im waiting for something like blue since gta3 was released on the ps2 and im still patiently waiting even if its like 5 years ago.. just keep yourself busy with other things...

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