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Welcome to the BLUE section

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Welcome to the forum dedicated to the discussion of blue, our new core technology.

To get "clued up" on what blue will be capable of, please read http://www.mtablue.info

Do not ask for a release date, we do not know when we will complete it, it'll be released when its done.


I thought i'd take this moment to ask people to promote MTA - if you are a member of another forum, post a thread telling everyone how great MTA is, as they say, the more the merrier!


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btw, its too late to read so quick fire question, if admins want a clean game i.e. like its is now, will it block ppl with modded versions as a server option??
There will be no such thing as a "clean" game, there will be a default game, like half-life as HLDM, which will obviously have all the protection of any mod.


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Heh, just think. When this is released, and people are new to MTA Blue, they will be having the best multiplayer experience with very little bugs. Unlike what we started out with ;) They will barely have anything to complain about. I mean, moddability, make your own game modes, etc. The stuff we are saying now, is gonna be ancient history to a lot of people when this is released :P

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